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What are we talking about? It's called a 30-day mental cleanse. Yes, that's right. Too often we let things into our minds that should not be there and it hinders our progress. The best way to get your mind focused is to clean it up with what it should have. Think of it like rebooting your hard drive.

We have found this process to be more effective when people can do this together and share the result. What are you going to get? By joining this 30-day cleanse, we will send you ebook(s) to read and have weekly calls associated with this specific 30-day mental cleanse to assist you along the way. All that is required by you is your commitment to doing the program. If you are ready to become the right kind of person, then complete the form below. You will be sent the full instructions and Michael & Linda will keep in touch with you by email and on the weekly calls.

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